Bryan J. Ischo

Someday I hope to put alot of interesting stuff here, but for now all I have is my ProStar 3203T page.

If you are a hardware geek you might enjoy reading about this server.

In 2001 Nancy and I spent 9 months in and around Beijing, China. You can read about our trip here

Since then, we've travelled quite a bit, recently returning from a 2+ year stint in New Zealand. Check out our gallery!

My Old Home Pages

For your enjoyment I have my old home pages available as well. They're all more or less as lame as this one, but with more pictures.

My first home page, from early 1994, when I was at CMU. Most of the external links are broken because they are so old.

My second home page, from 1996, when I was living in California and hadn't met Nancy yet.

My third home page, from 1997, after I had met Nancy.

And, you can view photos from Halloween and Thanksgiving 1995 here.